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[TXT]CaseFolding.txt2018-06-09 07:41 80K 
[TXT]EastAsianWidth.txt2018-06-09 07:40 169K 
[TXT]LineBreak.txt2018-06-09 07:40 227K 
[TXT]MathClass-15.txt2018-05-04 08:24 13K 
[TXT]SpecialCasing.txt2018-06-09 07:40 16K 
[TXT]UnicodeData.txt2018-06-09 07:40 1.7M 
[   ]load-unicode-data.tex2018-06-09 07:44 6.9K 
[   ]load-unicode-math-classes.tex2018-06-09 07:56 3.7K 
[   ]load-unicode-xetex-classes.tex2018-06-09 07:56 7.0K 

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